Exhibitions & Events

We hold various events throughout the year and if you are interested in holding your own event here please contact us and we are sure we can help.


Thursday 14 March 2019,  7pm

Thursday 14 February 2019, 7pm

Talk by Matthew Garstang from Gordon & MacPhail

Thursday 11th October, 7pm

Another great event presented by the museum and the Bookmark

A Scots Dictionary of Nature

Booklaunch  with local Author Amanda Thomson

No one wants to hear the sound of a splorroch but a huam is another matter, at least it was if you lived in Scotland 150 years ago.
Forgotten words to describe the countryside have been included in a dictionary compiled in the Cairngorms. Splorroch is the sound of walking in wet mud and a huam the moan of an owl on a warm summer day.

The language harks back not just to words which have been lost but a way of life. “These words reveal so much about our history, natural history and our changing ways of life. They are indicative of the depth, richness and variety of the Scots language and its unique relationship to nature and landscapes.


Thursday 4th October – Wednesday 31st October

Coming Home

Coming Home is a travelling exhibition developed by High Life Highland in collaboration with the Highland Museums Forum to commemorate the end of the First World War in the Highlands.

At the heart of the Coming Home exhibition are poignant individual experiences explored through documents, objects and photographs held in Highland museums, libraries and archives.  From Highland women who broke the mould as doctors, nurses and dispatch riders to the international legacy of Norwegian loggers, prisoners of war and the American Navy, the exhibition reflects the wider social and economic changes taking place at the time.



Monday 1st October – Wednesday 31st October

Jan Holm

Our favourite Scottish landscape and wildlife photographer shows his latest and best from around Scotland in this superb photographic selling exhibition.

Loch Eishort & Cuillin hills on the Isle of Skye.